2010 Focus ST

Well after years of RWD ownership i decided i wanted something different. The Focus was on top of my list, i did drive a GTi Golf but bang for buck just isnt there so i settled on the Focus, so in August of this year i purchased my first new car.
Its a March 2010 Frozen White LV XR5 Turbo
Heres a pic from the day i picked it up.

Since owning it, i have met a number of owners through the XR5OC forum. And since then it has a couple of mods completed.
-Exhaust De Res
-Simota CAI
-Airtec Intercooler
-Dreamscience Mod B Tune.
-Rear anti roll bar
-Autospecialists ECU cover
-Euro ST badges
A couple of pics of the car (XR5) badges were still on at this point
Pics courtesy of Peuty

I havne taken any decent pics for a while due to the inclement weather up here but will soon.
Here is a pic of the ST badges

Future mods include
-Miltek TBE
-Euro tail lights
-Dreamscience intake
All in due time of course.