Even - Variable Camshaft Vanos Control: With motor - torque characteristic has been improved significantly. Double Vanos valves due balance, and absorption, as well as directly by exhaust gas pedal and the engine revs egzantriği, that depending on the engine's operating conditions to be adjusted offers endless. In this way, superior performance is obtained at low engine speeds. Mixing ratio of fuel to the combustion exhaust gases with a low, idling adjustment improved. During the help of the engine to warm up thanks to the special motor control catalyst performance is enhanced. This fuller torque curve, electromechanical butterfly control with throat and idling is much improved quality of work was increased. Also stop - up traffic smoother response and improved fuel economy also has been made.

Central spark plug position 4 Valve Technology: better to fill the cylinder gasoline engine, to achieve high performance and torque values with the use of sağlıyor.İki engine air intake and two exhaust subabının intake and exhaust gas discharge process can be done in less time. In addition, the combustion chamber 4 valve layout ideal way to bring it provides a lower consumption values.

Digital Motor Electronics (DME): All central functions such as injection and lambda Ateşlemeve setting procedures to manage such additional checks. Low consumption and highest performance for DME may be achieved with low emissions provides.

Selective Knock Control Cylinder with: BMW always the best fuel efficiency of gasoline engines, the engine is providing the protection. Soon as it starts in the engine knock sensors will detect this state and reported DME'ye. So the firing angle for each cylinder and time is set.

Stagnant Ignition System: Each cylinder BMW petrol engine or the spark plug each has a separate coil. Conclusion: The ideal combustion process with a strong spark and efficient fuel usage.

Dual Mass Flywheel with: Improves in-vehicle acoustics. This flywheel, the engine ignition waves arising from the inevitable imbalance, transferred to prevent transmission through the clutch. This means that, even at low idling speed the creation of noise in the car is not irritating.


The new BMW 525d and 530d Common - Rail Technology have a new 6-cylinder diesel engines. The most important feature of the injector are being connected to separate pressure index. Barlık very high injection pressure in 1350, working independently of work time is provided by high-pressure pump. Both diesel engines, 2.5 and 3.0 lt, performance diesel engines in the category of values and constitutes the summit whether, but also has low emissions. Her 2 engine is already ab3 norms. Before the main injection a small amount of fuel combustion spraying, which provides smooth operation with pre-injection diesel engine that can not be reached by the brings with low noise levels. Common-Rail and a combination of line 6-cylinder engine being used to calm the most appropriate study were reached.

New diesel engine fuel consumption, input variable geometry turbo - charging unit: With significant düşmüştür.Dijital Diesel Electronics (DDE) with exhaust turbo charger can be kept under control, may benefit again from the exhaust gas. Variable turbo - charge feature high engine torque even at low engine speeds is obtained, a constant motor torque in a wide speed range can be achieved. To have this kind of engine characteristics, fuel consumption will result in a very low offers.


4-cylinder diesel engine with direct fuel injection line has to BMW 520D while offering a dynamic, comfortable acoustic characteristics and very low fuel consumption also is striking. This is the basis of very high injection pressure sebebi1750 barlık can reach the high-pressure direct injection system. This system is an extraordinary mixture formation and combustion of the collateral. Other than that against the BMW 520D of the solid ab3 emission norms. Therefore, as a result of unusually high air use less smoky exhaust gas occurs. Thanks to the injection pump cam with levels greater regularity and low noise operation is provided. Thanks to the beginning of the cam stage before a small amount of injected fuel is sprayed and so combustion process is initiated as a quieter and smoother. Typical of direct-injection diesel "knock" and satisfying working effectively reduced so that the formats.

Turbo Loader: BMW 520D, 525d and 530d will also increase engine efficiency. To be thrown out without using the exhaust energy, fresh air to push a turbine engine runs. Thus, the optimal combustion chamber is filled.

Hydro-controlled Beds: BMW 520D, 525d and 530d to make the most appropriate motor bearing. If an engine is a soft bed, an unpleasant shock acceleration is. If the car is idling in the vibration makes the hard bed. Therefore, Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE), or vehicle movements during idling, 80 km / h speed up low-pressure hydraulic capsule opens subabını. An additional large-scale channel opens, the bearing would be softer. Iv or 80 km / h over again this additional channel is closed. Engine bearings are harder again.

Motor Insulation: BMW diesel engines has been reduced with the construction structure further reduces noise.: Top and side has been granted special way vlis (Sponge) coating and from the bottom up from front to back boat-shaped plates are available.

Digital Diesel Electronics: Spraying time, and thus determines the amount and pressure in all operating conditions so far not been reached will be reduced sağlar.Emisyon compliance, performance increases, and becomes good working order.


Steptronik: All BMW 5-series models (except 520D) can be ordered. This system to be used, such as 5-speed automatic transmission allows the gears manually. For this, the automatic gear lever on the automatic mode, the "D" position, sport mode and driving range that left the second "S" position is sufficient to bring. Gear lever for selection of personal gear "S" at position, the lever forward to shift up, shift back slightly to reduce the move is enough. Use the gear position, is shown on the display panel. Actively engaged with the process from the clutch Böyelece can change gears. To return to automatic mode, use speed, gear lever "S" position by pushing the right "D" position is taken.

Adaptive Transmission Management (AGS): Automatic transmission, a special driving characteristics of people within a short time to change perceptions and shift perceptions and use of the driver change gears according to their settings. The terms of use and is located within the car's wheels not returned often perceived as waste, according to road conditions "Normal", "Winter" and "Mountain / Departure" features will work on. However, the AGS system, according to road and traffic conditions kalklarda stop, winding roads, or ramps that may occur to prevent unnecessary gear changes.

Shift-Lock Automatic BMW discs because of safety "N" or "P" position of the selector lever, only if it has been pressed on the brakes, a gear change is permitted. The automatic gear shift interlock BMW lerde drive the "P" position without, starter switch prevents out. This system is for the safety.


Automatic Stability Control + Traction (ASC + T): System, providing thrust front and rear wheels to turn waste handling of it may be possible to produce the top. To return to idle when a wheel, (for example, or corner exit acceleration in take-off), engine management reduces the power accordingly. These measures are not yet in cases of divorce or the wheels spinning wheel is braked until the handling right again. ASC + T warning when driving in the intervention is blinking. ASC + T can be disabled when required, for example, in cases of like the wheels skid (eg to escape deep snow with a swing) system can be disabled.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC): Provides the highest level of driving stability. DSC system, system settings, such as ABS or ASC + T, and also embodies the pre-time will detect a potential skid. DSC system, engine to intervene where necessary, within a few split seconds wheel brake pressure applied differently to protect the car control is provided. But even so sophisticated a system can not overcome the laws of physics. So the drive is still safe and responsible driving style is essential.

Dynamic Brake Control (DBC): BMW and electronics as shortens the braking distance of your PC to control the system. Pressing the brake pedal speed is exceeded the ordinary is detected by a sensor and an emergency braking situation is understood. The system thus automatically apply maximum braking force, the full braking may occur due to prevents extended braking distances. In addition to the speed of the car system and the status of wear of the brake system is also take into account. In addition, DBC;
ABS, ASC + T, DSC is connected with such systems. In a critical situation quickly, but the brakes strong enough, unless you split-second in DBC bring maximum brake support, and BMW 5 series significantly reduces the braking distance.

Brake calipers: The newly developed BMW 5 series are made of light metal alloys (535i and gray cast iron spheroidal 540i'nin front brake calipers are made). Weight reduction of a very good heat transfer birlkte is guaranteed. BMW 5 series is not fading, which means that, even too difficult, eg in the mountain descent, the brakes will not reduce the effects. Front left and right rear pads thickness is measured through a device. A check on the cockpit lights, brake linings to wear to the border has decreased will warn you.

Electronic Damping Control (EDC): Way very quickly thanks to shock absorbers, loading and driving conditions appropriate settings. By the electronic control unit of vehicle movements leaving the most appropriate damper stiffness is adjusted. In attempting, braking and direction changes must be more aggressive in, the softer shock absorbers for a comfortable ride is preferred. In addition to automatic settings by pressing hard prompted EDC directly or sporty shock absorber settings can be selected for use.

Sub-frame chassis made of lightweight aluminum metal rod behind the axle many ways: rear axle and double elastic driving dynamics and comfort yataklaması the increased remarkably. As a sub-frame chassis, connected to elastic bar four directions are arranged such that the geometric, with rubber bearings fully calculated to redirect the rear wheels together. Regardless of load and speed of the vehicle, this type of meticulous directions for elastic kinematics format (BMW 850CSi using the infrastructure) handling and driving even higher degree of yield monitoring. Freight exchange reaction does not occur anymore. Driving in high speed and cornering of the driving direction of the driving wheel is adjusted slightly, which is located in a major contribution to driving safety. An effective increase in the comfort of driving a special spring provides light passes through bumps, first in the driving direction is far too soft a spring and then a vertical spring occurs. Thus, in the comfort of driving and vehicle acoustics of the new dimension will enjoy. Rear axle structure and the potential for high comfort considerable degree of stability because of the body of the upgraded spring and shock absorber system allows for more robust was chosen. Contact with the road and therefore has been developed to in-car use is felt.


BMW's Security Concept FIRST (Integrated Road Safety Technology): With all the security measures may be needed during the journey together has been collected, active and passive safety, vehicle and others in the araçtakiler for and protection of traffic.

Head Airbag ITS (Inflatable Tubular Structure) Air Pillows & Door Interior: the driver and front seat passengers, side against impacts from these vehicles in its class so far unprecedented as a unique protection standards are presented. ITS head airbags with a hand that may occur during a possible collision, the driver and front seat passenger's head hit the ground in an accident and the possibility of impurities inside the front is. Front side airbags and optional rear side airbags that may occur while the chest and groin area potential impact significantly reduces the risk of injury.

BMW Seat Belt System: including seat belts, active tension system, belt force and diving limitörü prevention system with you and your passengers, even with the worst possibility is to keep your seat. For example, thanks to active stretching device, seat belts lock up in a short time fraction of a second back, and it is expected to hold and shoulder belt parts which would also have been stretched. Another advantage provided by pyrotechnic seat belt in the system more rapidly into the circuit ensure that the impact of the security system is to increase.

Tire Pressure Control (RDC): The air pressure in the tires of every vehicle speed is controlled via sensors. Even small pressure drop in the system will alert you with warning lights in the dashboard, in addition to the large pressure loss warning sound is heard, the system runs on 433 Mhz frequency.

Crash Sensor: After the burn accident four flashers outside of the door central locking system can be opened for quick opening. In addition, the interior lighting will be lit.

Xenon Headlights: Instead of creating a light wire Kor et al provide a very intense lighting. Bad weather or night so that a better way of lighting is provided, an important condition for your safety. More than 2 times of the traditional halogen headlights xenon headlights that provides illumination, consume less energy by using ionized inert gas, life is also significantly longer. Although more intense against the traffic lights to avoid affecting an additional reflector in the far being used (Systems of the BMW 8 Series has been received and whether the change was implemented)

BMW Rain Sensor: Road safety and comfort to the smallest details had been thinking about is another example. Rain sensor, optical measurements As a result, the intensity of rain is detected. Rain sensor be activated after the cessation automatically adjusts the operation of windshield wipers.
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Vehicle to feel good, and the correct classification climate contribute to the comfort of travel in safety yanısırıa driving creates a significant contribution. For this reason and now every line 6-cylinder engines in all seasons 520d'de climate provides ideal interior volume is presented as standard air conditioning. Internal temperature regardless of outside temperature as an individual can be adjusted. In addition, the air conditioning system to reduce humidity of glass prevents condensation from being as active.
Optional activated carbon filter CFC'siz (535i and 540i as standard) air-automatic, air-conditioning equipment because of their additional comfort feature provides automatic adjustment program and a separate air distribution and a very nice temperature is reached rapidly and the temperature is kept constant. Separately for the left and right temperature can be adjusted.

Automatic Internal Circulation Control (AUC): This unique system in the BMW 8 Series was introduced in 1991, in the air prevents harmful substances into the vehicle. This system, for example, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and ethanol recognizes and high in a short time increases the intensity of harmful substances into the circulation goes to the state.

Electronic Anti-Theft System (EWS): So far, those in a different way to secure your vehicle is: Key is integrated into the electronic cihip coded. This chip fully defined, and the second a code consists of a personal code. The second code, every vehicle running EWS'yi changes. Personal code before pressing the starter when the code reads and asks for change. Both answers were accepted EWS, DME or a encoded signal same DDE'ye. This signal can not be run without the engine even with a short circuit. Data exchange, wireless steering wheel was on clay is carried out via the antenna. This also applies to key integrated remote control. Even if the battery is discharged, to open and run BMW'nizi manual. When you lose your key, your car through your authorized service station and you can lock a spare key will be sent. Remote-controlled ignition key has been redesigned and maintenance-free while on the move, charging the car is equipped with battery. Battery replacement is no longer needed to cover completely dust and moisture created will not pass. Buttons for use again enlarged it easier if you lost your key service dizilmiştir.şayet this switch is blocked, whether you can order a new one immediately.

Glass Green Yellow-breasted air conditioning comfort: Due to intense solar radiation prevents the car from overheating. Windshield safety glass adhesion layer between the two in the infrared light reflecting layer by a glass front with normal chest about 10 ° C after 90 minutes under the sun heats up less.

Double glass for glass side offered: Internal volume makes it easier to be more suitable temperatures. 3 mm in width between the inner and outer glass-air insulation of the side windows to the inside of the BMW 5 Series is what cold does not allow the heat entering. Especially in humid and cold air in the car's side windows is very little condensation in the air outside the layer of insulation, car noise and external noise to be heard inside prevents.

Protection Glasses (Aramid Armor): BMW 5 Series for the acts of violence against the glass in your car will be preserved. All the glass sandwich technique (glass - polycarbonate - aramid - glass) is manufactured. In this way, glass breaking attempts, even very severe measures because of their fragmentation is eliminated. Is a positive effect on the comfort through high insulation, Ex: heat and cold are better protected. In addition, normal glass than in glass protection creates condensation and UV - rays provide more effective protection.

Car Memory (Tools Memory): Using your car according to your personal settings you can program a lot. Far short of the car after running side to start the car park or after a period of far more patterns you burn your house until you have entered your way, such as lighting (Selector by making your car's parking lights after 40 sec. More lit) the personal use of optional features, Car Memory can program through .

Memory Key (Key Memory): Feature, the optional power-controlled seats or inside air temperature and air distribution required to be set to provide automatic air conditioning, you recently entered your personal settings on the remote control button press will bring you back to an. This function automatically controlled electric drive system and a lot of people will be coded with a special password, use can be made at any time. Key Memory, 2 has the capacity to allow the driver to use. Each drive is separate from the password. And is known for his key.


Check Control: By controlling important functions, which should be the situation if the driver notifies deviation. In addition, the function is turned off are given information about even.(Cold Control). Any situation occurring, the driver and priorities depending on the dashboard along with acoustic warning is reported.

Multi - Information Display (MID): With radio / audio, car phone and navigation systems and the use of impressions on a single system is possible.

Alphanumeric Display with PC Tools: Average fuel consumption, fuel level can be obtained approximately from distance, remaining distance to destination and estimated time of arrival information is continually transmitted to the driver. There are also a timer function. Will be reflected on the screen functions, signal via a button located on the arm also can be called.

TV li Vehicle Monitor: Flattened in the center console screen, integrated audio-cassette and the main functions of the control (radio, cassette player and TV) consists of control. Apart from this, via the monitor vehicle (if) a CD player, HiFi system, telephone, independent heating and air navigation system controls can be added. In addition, the selected functions are displayed on the screen with the text format. 3 pieces for the most efficient exercise, and 2 video radio antenna is integrated into the rear glass.

Navigation System: You easily, quickly and directly will reach your destination. All functions are displayed on the screen and pressed a single button on the side to be converted (through a single hand) control unit edilebilmektedir.Navigasyon account ideal route is determined. Place Of Global Positioning System (GPS), the front ABS sensors and magnetic field can be determined by drilling through 10 meters error. Voice commands in the languages required in the essential driving will receive computers. Direction arrows and traffic signs and the display returns over different scales is able to view. From the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) to determine the current traffic routes and traffic congestion information is taken is shown on the screen. "Alternative route" function you will navigate around this congestion will show the route options. Other than that the system size on the screen is able to provide information about the museum or tourist attractions, entrance fees, opening - closing time information are also available. Find hotels in a navigation system will help. Hotel class information, bed capacity and prices is possible to see. Digital map that can easily change the CD - ROM is on the record. Many more of the great European countries CD - ROM s are.

BMW Assist and BMW Assist Plus: Now the BMW 5 series cars from the monitor can check this 2 function. These functions offer 5 different services: Emergency Call, Emergency Service, BMW Information, Traffic Information and Advisory Services. Is an emergency, "Emergency" menu button push. However, information on vehicle position z and is transmitted immediately to the service center and call line opens. Service center for assistance after that will trigger the necessary units. "BMW Emergency Service" function to be activated when the vehicle is being sent information call the center line of the drop. "BMW Information" prepared by the line BMW will be able to access news. For example, the sale, the new map CD - ROM s, etc. about. Regular service that "BMW Assist Plus you about traffic conditions and highway sensors placed on the more detailed information can be taken. Impressions RDS / TMC functions, as shown by symbols and arrows. In addition, "BMW Assist Plus" than you can get specific advice: eg. Doctors and pharmacies addresses. Only vehicles with BMW Assist and BMW navigation system with monitor is presented. Detailed information can get from dealers or Borusan Otomotiv. Tel: 0212 694 34 44

On - Board Diyagnozu: DME is a function or DDE'nin. The task is to detect errors without creating damage. Malfunctions in the record whether the service then the BMW "BMW Diagnostics Information System" for viewing. Fault detection and repair costs fall times are shorter.

Voice-Controlled BMW Telephone: Offers more comfort and safety while driving. Multi-function steering wheel with audio on your computer when you press the corresponding button opens and invites you to give voice commands. When you start talking you'll activate the system. Voice recognition system asks you the phone number and tell you again and provides connection for approval. In this way, driving without removing your hands from the steering wheel can call.